Why track growth?

Growth and weight monitoring, particularly in the first few years of life is a valuable screening tool for health professionals. Disturbances in health and nutrition in infants and young children, regardless of the cause, almost always affects their growth. Through regular growth monitoring, health professionals are able to identify any disturbances in growth trends and consequently coordinate further investigations or support the development of management plans.

How to should growth be interpreted?

Growth needs to be interpreted by those who have a strong knowledge of childhood growth, growth reference groups and factors that may influence individual growth. This knowledge needs to be combined with clear and effective communication skills, equipped to attend to parental queries or concerns.   Growth assessment needs to be interpreted in the context of the individual and should not be based on a single measurement on one particular day. Growth should be interpreted with recognition of clinical history together with growth history and intake histories.

Monitoring. Who’ role is it?

Regular growth monitoring allows for accuracy in assessment which provides valuable information about the general health and wellbeing of a child.  The value of serial growth monitoring should not be overlooked and its importance should be considered during most contacts with Health Professionals within The Healthcare System.  Growth monitoring should be considered a priority to those with access to the right equipment and with the knowledge and skills for adopting standardised techniques of measurement. 

When it comes to the care of infants and children, best practice is supported by the regular growth monitoring by all Healthcare Professional’s with the knowledge and skills in growth monitoring. We must not forget that:  

The importance of time spent in growth monitoring can not be measured.

We support the practice of regular growth and weight monitoring. We work with families to support optimal nutrition and take the time to explain normal and healthy growth. Contact us to find out how we can help your family, or to book an appointment.